If you have signed a consent form for patient portal and received an email with your user name and password, click the link to access the portal: https://aim.mymedaccess.com/login

By signing up for the patient portal you will be able to do the following:

* Appointment requests:  You will be able to request an office visit (non-emergent) or physical examination appointments.

* Lab results: You will be able to request laboratory results that you will be able to view on your portal page.

* Referral request: You will be able to send us your request for a referral with the reason for the referral.  Once approved by the physician, this will be processed and a referral will be made.
* Refill request:  You can mark the medication being requested on your medication list and select the pharmacy.  These requests will be reviewed by your physician and processed within 48 business hours.
* Manage demographics: You can verify your address and insurance information.  You can send a message if any changes need to be made.
* View current medication and problem list:  You will have access to your medication and problem list.  You can also print your health summary to take to other physician appointments.
* Insurance/Billing questions:  You can send messages to our Insurance and Billing Department.
**** All messages and requests will be answered within 48 business hours.  If you have not heard back from the office within that time frame, please contact the office.******
Sign up for patient portal today... You can print a patient portal consent form under the forms tab, fill out and mail to the office or ask the front desk for a consent form.